Portrait Olivier Massart

Olivier and Virginie Massart are based in Lyon (France). Their love for WCS started in 2005 when WCS was new in Europe. Since then, they have been travelling to share their passion around the world. They are running two of the biggest events in Europe: “French Open WCS” and “West in Lyon”. Olivier and Virginie are also competing at Champions level in the World WCS competition.

Another dream they could accomplish was to create an International Flash Mob for WCS – making people around the world dance the same choreography on the same day. At one of our previous workshop weekends in May 2017, we had the chance to be the first location in the world, where the WCS-Flash mob 2017 choreography was presented! All in all, both present “Fun-Technique-Style” … in addition to Olivier’s great Belgian humour – a couple you shouldn’t miss!